Who Is VeriHash?

Image CC BY 4.0 via ethereum.org

VeriHash Inc became a company on Valentine's day, 2022. It was love at first byte ❤️. We have quickly become one of the leading blockchain infrastructure providers and are expanding rapidly into new crypto paradigms. The team itself has been in the crypto space since early 2010s and is now looking to use their knowledge and experience helping other blockchains and crypto technologies.

We bring vast experience architecting and administrating infrastructure in many deployment environments ranging from on-premesis startups to multi-cloud Fortune 500 companies. We write software and scripts, perform security audits and implementations, run war rooms, and plan and execute large-scale cross-functional enterprise migrations and upgrades.

We have deep experience in diverse compute orchestration platforms and pride ourselves on developing and running efficient, secure, and highly available systems.

We pride ourselves on self-healing, resilient, and secure infrastructure and application code.

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The Team

Brandon Graham

Co-Founder & CEO


Daniel Gleason

Co-Founder & CTO


David Bravant

Principal Advisor